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Let Fitness Partner calculate the number of calories you burn for 222 activities. Simply enter your weight and the duration you generally spend being active.  We'll do the math and return a personalized activities page to you.

Print your activities page and keep it with your exercise log or put it in your gym bag for reference. It's a great reminder of all the things you can do to stay active and healthy. 


Get your personalized page for over 200 activities:

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Did you know?

Moderate exercise is defined as burning 3.5 - 7 calories per minute and should be done approximately 5 times per week.

Vigorous exercise is defined as burning over 7 calories per minute and at this higher level, only needs to be done approximately 3 times per week.

Enter your weight and a duration of 1 minute into the Calculator and we'll tell you how many calories your body will burn, per minute, for 222 activities.

Based on the Compendium of Physical Activities: An update of activity codes and MET Intensities. From the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, Sept. 2000.

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